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Diane Miller is a trusted leader and attorney in the national health freedom movement. She is the perfect person to inspire readers to activate health freedom.
Miller, a Minnesota attorney, began her freedom work by helping to defend a dairy farmer who was prosecuted for helping people by giving them dairy colostrum. After a successful dismissal of charges, the author joined a band of Minnesota citizens who successfully advocated for a new law that protects healing and access to healers.
In Health Freedom, the author takes a deep dive into the relationship between health and law, including the ways health freedom is in jeopardy. The stories will inspire you to contemplate:
• What is health freedom?
• How do we heal a world dominated by conventional science, medicine, and products?
• What must we consider to keep ourselves healthy?
Against the backdrop of COVID-19, the world is searching for answers about health and even survival. People want clarity on freedom, liberty, and the role of government in our lives.
This book will be a foundational and inspiring read for health seekers and freedom lovers—and it could not come at a more critical time.